Thanks to everyone for a great Season

We’ve finished putting the boats away and pulling the docks in.  Although the team is still active, the plan for the rest  of us is to enjoy the coming winter and wait patiently for the ice to thaw.  We’ll slowly spin up operations starting mid-March and should have everything in place for the season by the first weekend in May.

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Congratulations to Paul Townsend winner of the Bone Chiller Regatta


Yesterday was certainly one of the most beautiful days in recent memory for a Bone Chiller Regatta. Twelve boats sailed on a warm autumn day with temperatures in the low 60s and winds averaging 10-12 miles per hour. Several guests from out of town joined the race: Four boats from Stoney Creek Metro Park and three high-performance Wetas (with haunting black Mylar sails) from Grand Rapids and Muskegon. All in all, it was a fun day of sailing and camaraderie.

Races started in the afternoon, as the UM Sailing Team finished up an exciting weekend of Big Ten racing (regatta rescheduled because the lake had been frozen solid in April). Congratulations to Paul Townsend and Jim Rennell, winners of the Bone Chiller Regatta and Marc Mejer, (from Stoney Creek Metro Park) who finished second. Notable showings by club members, include Fernando Leon, Ovidiu Adam, Charles Child and Michele Blinder.

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